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  1. What is Serve Day at Camp Tadmor?
    Serve day is a chance for anyone who considers themselves part of the Tadmor family to come help us get ready for summer. It's a great opportunity to come together and work side by side with the Tadmor family to help improve camp for the sake of the Gospel. We will work on projects as well as take a guided prayer tour of camp. Whether you're an individual, a pastor, a family, etc., you're invited. We'll start at 8am and go all the way until 5pm when we'll have dinner together. Bring your own lunch. There are lots of ways to help out regardless of skill level.
  2. Why is it important to Tadmor? To volunteers?
    Tadmor needs the help of many to serve many. By volunteering, people have a hands-on way of participating in what God is doing at Tadmor. Serve day is important to camp because our volunteers help us bridge the gap between what we as staff can keep up with and all the work there is to maintain camp. For volunteers, you will get to serve side by side with like-minded people and help further the mission of the Gospel at camp.
  3. How long has Serve Day been going on at Tadmor?
    This is the first of many years to come!
  4. What projects will be worked on during Serve Day?
    We will likely be doing a large painting project, weather permitting, as well as raking, carpentry, wood splitting, etc. Things for all skill levels!
  5. How can I, or my family, or church participate?
    RSVP Here. All are welcome regardless of age or skill level.
  6. If I can't make it to Serve Day, what other volunteer opportunities are available at Camp Tadmor?
    See our Volunteer page. We have a few different events throughout the year for various types of groups and if one of those don't fit, we are always planning projects to fit any group or individual.

Contact Ethan Cobb for more info at [email protected]

Serve Day
Serve Day
  • Saturday, July 18, 8am-5pm
  • Anyone
  • Free; dinner provided (bring your own lunch)