Within the very design of creation exists people who have been called to receive an identity with which great power and privilege is bestowed. Like superheroes, they are chosen for a purpose, equipped with power, and given a destiny if only they will choose to accept who they truly are. We have been called sons and daughters of God, but until we believe the truth about who we are, we will never achieve the potential of our God-given design.

Join us this year for "The League", a convention of superheroes who are exploring their powers and abilities; where the demonstration of visible power is the barometer of greatness. Our characters are granted access to observe something that could change everything! This year our focus is on what it means to be called sons and daughters of God. Why would a King, the Creator of the world, want to call us his children? What does it means that we have been given this new identity; and how can it transform the way we live?

Join us and find that it is what's on the inside that truly counts.

Junior Camp

Entering grade 3-6

Tadmor is the place for summer fun! We have everything you need for a great week at camp. Our summer staff is well trained and loves being with kids. You can use your energy swimming in the lake, soaring on the giant swing or reeling in a prize-winning trout. Also, check out our paintball shooting range. Each evening session is full of skits, videos, practical teaching, and singing that is geared just for you!

Circle T Ranch

Entering grade 3-6

In this Wild West setting campers will experience life on the frontier. With this 4-day camp designed to hold 50 campers, we are positive that everyone will enjoy maximum fun in a welcoming, personal environment. Your experience will begin with a hay ride from your car to your yurt. We mix high energy games and wild programs with focused sessions and then tie it all together through awesome team times. Our staff is dedicated to serve your child and ensure they have a week to remember.

Middle School Camp

Entering grade 6-8

If you have never been to Tadmor then it is time - Time to get launched off the blob, time to make some new friends while your adrenaline rushes on the paintball field. Our insane rec time will fire you up as you compete for the coveted championship t-shirt. Crazy skits, wild videos and awesome times of worship will be waiting for you at the evening sessions. So grab a friend and come experience summer at Tadmor. It will be a summer to remember.

High School Camp

Entering grade 9-12

Come experience what all the hype is about. This is the week you want to be here. Hundreds of students living it up. Come with a friend or bring your whole youth group. It's your choice. The week will be marked with authentic worship, insane rec games, engaging speakers, blob competitions, sports, sun, lakeside lounging and so much more. Connect with God, make new friends and join in on a summer to remember.

Dear Parents,

At the depth of a parent's heart is a passion and desire for their children to have the best upbringing and to know they are loved. We want to be parents who can effectively show them our unconditional love, regardless of the circumstances. Unfortunately, we are not as successful in our endeavor as we desire.

This summer, we are going to present the truth about the ultimate and intended Father (God), who has called us his children and given us a new identity; a father who has offered us a new relationship. It is a relationship where acceptance and love are truly unconditional; a relationship that is based on who we are, not what we do. We will contrast our identity found in the flesh with our identity in Christ using our superhero friends.

At Tadmor's Annual Convention of Superheroes, it becomes apparent that even superheroes have limitations. Although they possess all the attributes that outsiders consider essential for success, they cannot find contentment within themselves. Though the humor of our main characters who are misguided and find themselves at the convention, it becomes apparent that even "superhero" is just a job and not a full identity. When we believe that our external abilities dictate who we are, we are left frustrated and unsatisfied. Yet for those who are in Christ, the struggle for perfection is removed and we are given a whole new identity as sons and daughters of God.

It is Tadmor's privilege to construct a 75-member team of the Northwest's most qualified staff members who will partner with us for the summer. Each member has been specifically chose through an extensive application process, including a background check and recommendation by their church. With the level of commitment they bring, your child will surely be known and engaged in camp this summer.


Adam Hearn
Program Coordinator