15-month Internship

Do you have a heart for the church and a desire to serve through camping ministry? Do you desire a deeper understanding of full-time Christian ministry? Would you like to grow in your leadership abilities and gain professional experience? If so, Tadmor may be the right fit for you.

Program Description

Tadmor's internship program is designed to train individuals to be leaders in the church. We use the education of real-life experiences mixed with classroom discussion to connect your unique gifting with ministry application.

The Internship Experience

Tadmor's internship is structured to provide you the best opportunity to minister and lead in the highest capacity. Our camp works closely with churches and pastors so that experience is gained not only in camp ministry but also in church ministry. This camping and church environment will focus on numerous aspects of Christian leadership for you to grow in. The internship covers 15 months from June - Sept (the following year). Each summer you will be assigned a role to serve within the Summer Ministry Team. We will do this based on what we assess to be your area of strength. The first summer you will learn much about how camp operates, how our values are lived out in what we do, and what it means to be a servant leader. During the non-summer months, you will learn to serve in a variety of ways specific to camp, in addition to receiving church leadership training. The next summer will be your opportunity to apply all that you learned during the first summer coupled with your off-season experience. At this point we expect great things and give great responsibility to our interns.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what the Bible says about leadership.
  • Participate in leading leaders.
  • Organize people and timelines to accomplish ministry goals.
  • Develop and communicate ministry vision.
  • Become proficient at a variety of hands-on tasks that not only apply specifically to camp, but also prove useful in the context of service projects, mission trips, etc.
  • Grow in one's ability to serve within the church.

Specific Activities

  • Meet weekly with the Program Director for planning and personal growth.
  • Work through the Relational Elder Training curriculum developed by CB Northwest, under the instruction of the Program Director and Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Be involved in a local church on a regular basis.
  • Occupy an area of responsibility on the Summer Ministry Team.
  • Serve in the areas of maintenance, grounds keeping, and facility upkeep.
  • Serve in the area of guest services by assisting in hosting, cleaning, foodservice, and leading activities.
  • Assist in recruiting summer staff.
  • Help plan and execute various summer program elements.
  • Serve at CB Northwest events including: Men's Roundup, Pastor's Prayer Summit, Annual Enrichment Conference, Growth Getaway, Winter Youth Celebration.

Financial and Lodging Arrangements

Interns will receive a $600 per month stipend, plus housing and utilities (power, water, garbage, DSL). Food service is provided whenever guests are being served. Often interns find the provided stipend to be quite sufficient due to the lack of expenses incurred as a result of living at camp.

Minimum Applicant Requirements

  • Be able to articulate the work of the Gospel in one's own life.
  • Be at least one year out of high school.
  • Be actively involved in Christian ministry.
  • Show an aptitude for servant leadership.
  • Maintain a posture of teachability.
  • Express a desire to serve the church in some capacity.
  • Be able to organize oneself and communicate effectively.

Helpful Previous Experience/Education

  • Service in the area of youth, children, or camping.
  • Service in a focused area of ministry for a period of time (e.g., a yearlong mission trip).
  • Associate's or Bachelor's Degree.
  • Bible school or Bible college completion.

Apply for 2018

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For more information about the internship program, contact:

James Garner
Program Director
(541) 451-4270 x27